The training and tools that ALL small & local businesses need to dramatically increase sales through incredible marketing!

“Marketing is the most important function of small business, without incredible marketing there is no business” - Ron Brookshire


 The Dominance Marketing Process

Marketing Process

 We provide the training and tools to FIND new customers, engage them through multiple channels and continually TOUCH them so they become repeat buyers.


  • How to Master Your Marketing and Dominate Your Local Market!

    Our goal is to make sure you reach the level of success you desire by teaching you how to continually increase sales by using state-of-the-art, cost-effective marketing solutions.  We provide easy access, high quality training for you and your staff.

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The Secrets to Dominating Your Local Market are in this eBook!

21 Tactics will be a priceless resource for your business. It contains 21 proven, actionable marketing tactics that will increase your sales and cash flow almost immediately. It really is your ticket to the financial success you have been working so hard to achieve in your business. Plus it has a 12 month 100 times sales guarantee so there is absolutely NO RISK. Learn more by clicking this link below, you cannot afford to let your competitors get this eBook before you!

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21 Tactics eBook


  • Find Customers

    Our Tools help you to Find new customers and help prospective customers find you.

  • Continuous Customer Tool Box

    Our “Continuous Customer Tool box” is an automated  system that collects prospects information, continually “Touches” them through multiple channels and turns them into Continuous Customers and Raving Fans.  This amazing set of tools will grow your sales and increase your cash flow… Automatically Capture, Touch, Engage & Promote, it is easy and your cash flow will automatically reap the rewards! COMING SOON

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FREE Dominance Marketing Map

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Press For Profits - How to Use the News to Produce a Surge of Cash for Your Business at No Cost to You!Press For Profits

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Places to Profits - How to Use Google Places to Produce a Surge of New Customers for Your Business at No Cost to You!Google Places