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21 Tactics will be a priceless resource for your business. It contains 21 proven, actionable marketing tactics that will increase your sales and cash flow almost immediately. It is easy to read, easy to follow and it is designed to help you start implementation instantly. It really is your ticket to the financial success in your business that you have been working so hard to achieve.

Implementing just a few of the 21 Tactics will increase your daily, weekly and monthly cash flow for years to come. I hope it inspires you to act, because I know it can help you reach the level of business success you desire.


Ron BrookshireAuthor, Ron Brookshire, is a master of small business marketing. He attributes a major portion of his business success to cutting edge marketing tactics that differentiated his companies from the rest. His successes range from multiple small businesses to the sale of his largest technology and service firm to a Fortune 500; each one was driven by creative, targeted marketing.

His education and extensive practical experience afford him the unique ability to break down the sometimes complex world of business, marketing and technology into simple steps that work and that anyone can follow. Ron Brookshire firmly believes that with the right training and tools, small business owners can master their own marketing and guarantee their own financial success.

"Using the Tactics in Ron's book we have taken our business from 0 subscribers to over 3,800 in less than three years, plus we currently have over 60,000 page views per month on our website. That is an incredible accomplishment since the subscriber base represents more than 50% of the households in our local market!" 

Angela Brookshire
Alpine Community Network

"The regular and consistent implementation of the Tactics described in Ron's book have helped my blog readership grow from 0 to over 400 people per day in just 12 months.  My sales and cash flow have grown in proportion to my readership, it is amazing. I highly recommend this book!"

"We started off with just a few of the Tactics that Ron outlines in his book and both of our markets have been a tremendous success.  It is amazing when you can see the continuous growth in your customer base and your sales.  It has helped us reach a new level of success every month.  Get the book before your competition does!"

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Unheard of, Unconditional, 100 Times Your Investment, 12 Month GUARANTEE. If you do not increase sales by 100 times your investment in 21 Tactics eBook (100 x the cost of the book) using one or more of the Tactics in the book within the next 12 months, I will return the full cost of the book with NO QUESTIONS ASKED. You have 0 to lose and everything to gain… Just give it a try!

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